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About Us

Arizona Kids Build (AZKB) is a camp is taught by Architects and consists of 3 lessons, a tour of Taliesin West including the on-site shelters, and a model building session where students will design a personal structure that provides shelter from the elements as well as physical and emotional comfort. 

Through the camp, students will gain an understanding of how the built environment directly affects their own well-being and that of the natural environment.  Through hands-on activities and the building of scale models the students will demonstrate an understanding of sun angles, orientation, scale, and spatial needs. 

 We believe the program will help students understand the necessary elements required in designing a human shelter in the desert environment in which we live. Students who are involved with the program will learn how to think about the structures they interact with every day and consider not only how they feel about them, but ways to improve them. This process incorporates math, science, art, communication and language skills