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Information coming soon

Needed Materials and Supplies


For build-day we ask hosts and mentors to collect as many clean recyclables items as we can to provide enough materials for students to build.  Materials that work well for build days are:

•             Cardboard boxes
•             Egg cartons
•             Water bottles (dry inside)
•             Leftover fabric swatches
•             Paper towel tubes
•             Styrofoam or paper Dixie cups
•             Wine corks
•             Cereal, pasta, Kleenex boxes
•             Model building wood scraps
•             Tissue paper (like for stuffing gift bags)
•             Any kind of material that can be easily cut and/or glued

What we don’t want:

•             Pizza boxes (greasy)
•             Milk jugs
•             Aluminum cans
•             Anything stinky, sticky, or greasy