Want to Teach?

If you are interested in teaching lessons we ask that you volunteer first at the lessons you wish to teach.  This gives you the chance to see how the program is run and discuss before you take the stage. 

Teachers need to have a signed Arizona Kids Build waiver on file.  In addition, certain hosts require their own separate signed waiver. If this is the case you will be notified a head of time to fill one out or provided one the day you volunteer.

Upon starting program:

  1. Review Lessons 1-5 in conjunction with power point shows if time permits.
  2. Print out a Sketchbook for each student
  3. Have students complete liability and photo release forms (Students who do not provide the liability release may NOT participate in the program.)
  4. Discuss the collection of building materials with students
  5. Introduce AZ Kids Build to the students and tell them what they will be doing over the next 4-5 weeks.

Prior to Lesson 1:

  1. Have students complete pages 3 & 4 of Sketchbook.

Prior to Lesson 2 (field trip):

  1. 1. Direct students to research Frank Lloyd Wright either as a class or independently.
  2. Have students complete page 7 of Sketchbook.
  3. Day of Field Trip
    1. Wear closed toed shoes
    2. Bring water and hat
    3. Stay on the path/stay together
    4. Not more than 10 students in the bookstore at one time
    5. Use “inside” voices when touring main campus
  4. After Field Trip complete page 8 of Sketchbook – as homework or together as a class.

Prior to Lesson 3:

  1. Have students complete pages 9 & 10* of sketchbook.
    *students will need a full day for this homework (weekend preferred) teacher to explain assignment prior.

Prior to Lesson 4:

  1. Have students complete page 13 of sketchbook.

Prior to Lesson 5:

  1. Have students re-read their stories from Lesson 1.
  2. Have students bring an 11”x17” thick cardboard base to class for their models.

Lesson Descriptions

Each session is different as Arizona Kids Build works with our host to put together a program that fits their needs and schedule.  Below is a general outline of what a session may include:

Session 1


  1. The definition of environment and how different shelters react to the different environments they are built in. 

  2. How does the sun affect our buildings and why? 

  3. How is the temperature of a material affected by its color, its orientation and the nature of the material itself?   

  4. Can a building cause harm?  Discuss the heat island effect. 

  5. How can a building harmonize with nature?  Exploring efficiency in design through such concepts as shading, heating, and use of different materials.